A superficial reason to read the oldies

I haven’t read an exorbitant number of classics lately (except for a few Jane Austens), but check out these new editions: the Penguin English Library.

They’re being published throughout the year. I like the updated cover designs; more stylish than the old black-and-orange ones.

But, is Penguin trying to suggest that their “library” is THE definitive English Library (aka The Canon)? And what is the canon, really? Maybe I’m reading too much into it. Oh well. I’ll enjoy them anyway if I want to read classics anytime soon.

These specific editions might not be available outside the UK (not quite sure), but there are very similar hardcover ones available in the US and Canada – I specifically bought one such copy of Emma because it looks way more awesome than any other copy I’ve seen.

UPDATE: some pictures of a hardcover edition – one of my favourite books I’ve acquired within the last year.




4 comments on “A superficial reason to read the oldies

  1. They are beautiful. But every new cover design Penguin puts out makes me weep a little bit because how can anyone compete with that? and if no one can compete, will Penguin eventually just take over? yikes.

  2. I read an article today suggesting that the giant publishing houses are the ones dying, and the small houses are the ones that are gonna survive because they can adapt more easily (?)…who knows if that will be true but if so, no taking over for Penguin.

  3. I love these new covers. I just wish they’d come out with hard bound versions. As I get older type size, leading, margin size, all become very important to me as far as the comfort in reading a book. HB versions are always easier to read than soft covers. I’m wondering how these look on the page. Any chance you could scan in a sample page?

    • The hardcover copy that I have is nice, but was a bit stiff to hold open at first. Font is on the small-medium side, I’d say. I agree, the comfort of a book definitely plays into which editions I buy when i have the freedom to choose. I’ll post some pictures of it so you can have a look.

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