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Fun Facts About Alice Munro – And Why You Should Be a Fan

Alice Munro inspires cross-stitched works of art. From www.slate.com.

Alice Munro inspires cross-stitched works of art. From http://www.slate.com.

Alice Munro, Canadian short story writer extraordinaire, was given the book world’s greatest honour in the form of the 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature. The lady just seems so down-to-earth, full of humility and class. Here are a few fun things about Munro and her award that just may make you love her even more.

1.) Munro has more important things to do than wait around for phone calls from Swedish award academies – like sleep. She missed the call, and the Nobel Academy was forced to leave a message. She didn’t find out that she had won until her daughter phoned to tell her.

2.) Munro is the 1st Canadian author to win, and the 13th woman ever to receive the honour.

3.) She has been referred to as “Canada’s Chekhov.” Meaning she nails those short stories. Every country needs their own personal Chekhov.

4.) Munro is 82, and just last year announced that she will probably quit writing…though maybe the award will change her mind?

5.) In 1976, she was under a lot of pressure to “get serious” and write a novel. Thankfully, her publisher, Doug Gibson, encouraged her to stick with her strong suit…and never looked back. Munro’s are some of the few short stories I have truly loved.

6.) Munro beat out Haruki Murakami, Bob Dylan, Philip Roth, and fellow CanLit powerhouse Margaret Atwood for this year’s award.

7.) No vampires feature in any of Munro’s stories.

8.) Munro once worked as a tobacco picker to fund her way through university.

9.) There is an extremely niche sub-genre to describe much of her writing: Southern Ontario Gothic.

10.) Even David Gilmour loves Alice Munro.

What a classy lady. I personally am stoked to see her getting this recognition. So here’s a shout-out and hearty congratulations to the graceful Alice Munro for artfully winning the Nobel!


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