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About Me

I’m Katie, and I love to read. Not only that, I love books – the paper and cover art and new editions and font and the way they look and smell.

Since finishing my undergrad in Cognitive Science of Language (Linguistics + cognitive psych, plus English electives) in 2011, I went to work in rural Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher for two years. English books were hard to come by, and I realized that great books were one of the biggest things I missed. I began reading any book I could get my hands on, but I didn’t just want to read them; I wanted to write about them, too. I missed thinking about books the way university Lit classes required – though I didn’t miss the deadlines for the requisite 10-page essays.

Fast forward to today. I’m now a publishing student in the big city, reading and writing whenever I have time in between assignments and working. This blog is a way for me to process what I read along with book-related news and musings. I am quite the amateur when it comes to writing reviews, but I love reading and getting good recommendations, so if you have any for me, don’t be shy.

What I Read

I read a variety of genres, from classics to contemporary novels and occasionally non-fiction, short stories and poetry, but I particularly like anything with a twist of fantasy, dystopia, adventure, mystery, suspense or historical detail. Will probably add more to this list as I think of it. There’s also quite a bit of young adult fiction that I like (along with quite a bit that I have no desire to pick up), and I’ve always had a soft spot for imaginative children’s lit. I value memorable and complex characters above all, and look for a good plot too.

Though I don’t read a lot of non-fiction, I am curious about linguistic-related works, sociological expositions, and intelligent, thought-provoking books about religion and/or Christian theology, or those that take a creative, literary, or novel perspective on faith-based topics. C. S. Lewis, Shane Claiborne and Donald Miller come to mind.

I’ve been turning to a lot more Canadian writing lately – most recently Margaret Atwood, Alice Munro, and Terry Fallis. Joseph Boyden and Eleanor Catton are next on my list. I read a fair number of British authors too, both current and canonized. I’d like to check out more from authors of various ethnic backgrounds, and am on the lookout for recommendations.

Also, if Dr. Seuss had published a book by the title of this blog…I’d buy it.


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